Royal Caribbean On-Board Credit will add to your Fun

By Bob | May 4th, 2007

cruise-ship-bar.jpgTalk about a bummer. You are a slave to the man for 40+ hours a week. Your own saving grace is that you know you will have a few days off sometime in the future. You start socking away a little bit of money to save up for a cruise. You finally get the cash together, purchase your spot on board and you pack your bags. What you don’t realize is that while you are floating around the sea having a grand old time you still have to spend money. You see, those drinks on cruise ships aren’t included in your fare and those gifts you want to buy for your loved ones don’t come cheap.

Don’t despair, my frugal travel friend. There are ways to get around the on board money spending problem. Many cruises offer vouchers that will save you a lot of money when you are sailing with them. You can spend your money on booze, gifts or even a massage for your loved one.

Royal Caribbean has an offer this very moment that can save you up to $175 on board. That will buy you a fair number of beers and still leave you with enough money to buy some trinkets for the loved ones you left at home.

Check out the offer and then get back to work. Time is money they say.

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