Recharge your Batteries on a Cruise

By Bob | February 8th, 2007

battery-charger.jpgHave you ever felt like you were dragging around an extra body on your back? Have you ever woken up in the morning and cursed your alarm clock for forcing you back into the conscious world? Have you ever spent a day sleepwalking through your job wishing you could be anywhere else in the world?

Of course you have. We all go through stretches where life takes us into the back alley and kicks us in the stomach. For some people this can be triggered by the seasons or the weather. For others it might be stress related. For others it might be that you are still bitter that they canceled Punky Brewster and there is never anything good on television.

Whatever the cause, there is a solution to your misery. It is called a cruise. In fact, Carnival Cruise Lines has short expeditions geared specifically for people who need a little rest and relaxation without spending all of their vacation days in one shot. Nothing clears the mind like putting your face up in the sun, feeling the ocean breezes whip through your hair and having someone else cook you meals all day long.

Enough dragging that extra body around. Get busy booking your getaway and be prepared to return home a new person.

Recharge your Batteries with 3,4,5 day Carnival Cruises

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