Quick Trips to Asia

By Bob | February 22nd, 2007

asia-quick-trips.jpgEven if you live on the West Coast of the United States it is a long way to China, Japan and Vietnam. Modern airplanes have cut the travel time but you’re still looking at a ten-hour plus flight. That is great if you enjoy breathing stale air at 50,000 feet while you are forced to watch a Will Farrell movie (I swear, every plane I have been on for the past three years has shown one), but if you are adverse to flying or don’t have a ton of vacation days a trip to Asia might sound out of reach.

It could be, but when you take a look at the prices on flights and hotels that United Airlines is currently offering you might want to reconsider things a bit. We’re talking a flight and four night stay in Shanghai for $729. Tokyo for $814 if you aren’t careful you could spend that much in one night drinking sake and singing karaoke.

These vacation packages aren’t for those who really want to take the time to explore Asia but if you are looking for a quick getaway or to get a feel for what China, Japan and Vietnam are all about, you might want to get yourself some reading material and some headphones. It is going to be a long flight and there might even be more than one Will Farrell movie shown.

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