Pssst! Cuba Adventure Trips

By Bob | July 11th, 2007

cuba-bicycle.jpgIf you are American you know that you are not allowed to travel to Cuba unless you get special permission for something like an educational tour or a Michael Moore documentary. If you are an American traveler, you know that plenty of people flaunt this law. They make their way to Cuba via a couple of undisclosed locations (cough* Mexico * cough * Canada).

Knowing full well that you are not intent on breaking any laws and that this is purely aimed at people who can legally travel to Cuba, BootsnAll does have some outstanding adventure trips to Fidel Castro’s island playground. Sources that I will never ever reveal tell me that the biking trip is especially wonderful because there aren’t many cars on Cuban roads these days. By hitting the road on two wheels you will not only get the chance to see some of Cuba’s renowned scenery, but you will also be able to meet local people and gain insight into a fascinating culture.

The ban on American travel to Cuba won’t last forever (we were saying this in the 70s too), so now is a great time to visit the island if you can.

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