Prices on Alaska Cruises are Sinking Faster than the Titantic

By Bob | June 21st, 2007

sinking_ship.jpgWe’ve been hyping summer cruises to Alaska for some time now on this here little blog. Alaska is truly one of the best places to do on a cruise. The only real drawback is that it is far away from where most of us live and as a consequence the cruises that visit the Last Frontier are usually more expensive than those going to the Caribbean and Mexico. That is not necessarily the case at the moment.

As we officially celebrate the first day of summer today we see that prices on cruises to Alaska are dropping fast. The reason? The cruise season doesn’t last long in Alaska and this year there are more boats headed that way than ever before. That means a surplus of rooms which means the cruise lines have to drop their prices which means that you can end up saving a few hundred bucks if you book a spot on an Alaska cruise right now.

Usually it is the early bird that catches the worm, but in this case good things and good prices come to those who wait.

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