Nothing beats British Columbia in the Summer

By Bob | May 8th, 2007

bc.jpgThere are many places in this big old world that you can go and very few of them are more beautiful than British Columbia, Canada. With its stunning coastline, glorious mountains and relaxed way of life, British Columbia is an oft forgotten North American jewel. That won’t be the case after 2010 when Vancouver hosts the Winter Olympics. Once the world sees how amazing it is you can bet that people will flock to B.C.

Now is the optimal time to visit. The summer months in British Columbia cannot be beat. The days are long, the sun bright and the temperatures are delightfully moderate. You can experience all that without the mobs of people that will likely be there a few years from now.

For most people, British Columbia means three things: Vancouver, Victoria and Whistler. All three are more than worth a visit. Vancouver is a cosmopolitan jewel. Victoria is a quaint British feeling town. Whistler is a one of a kind ski resort. Take a visit to just one or all three and you will see why British Columbia is one of the best places on earth to visit during the summer.

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