NASCAR Auto Racing Vacations

By Bob | March 9th, 2007

hairy_back.jpgNASCAR is hot. At least that is what everyone keeps telling me. I don’t see the appeal, but I would never bash another sport. I get that enough from people who hate the sport I love, soccer. If you watch a NASCAR race you can’t help but notice a few things. There is advertising everywhere and there are people packed to the gills in the stands. That tells me the sport of left-turn driving is doing something right and that is all I need to know to respect its followers.

Planning a trip around sporting events can be a fun way of doing things. I recently spent a long weekend in northern California watching the Tour of California cycling race and enjoying life. People who attend NASCAR events seem to enjoy things too and this year’s slate of tracks features a number of nice destinations.

Orbitz is making it easy for NASCAR fans to plan their auto racing vacations. You can book airplane tickets online, make hotel reservations and purchase seats to the race all in the amount of time it takes for those crazy drivers to make one circle around the lap at death defying speeds.

One other little tip. If you are a fan of auto racing you’ll want to keep your eye on the NASCAR Logue space. I hear there are big plans in store for it.

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