Liberty, Equality, Fun on a Carnival Cruise

By Bob | April 11th, 2007

atlas7201.jpgDo you ever feel like the weight on the world is on your shoulders? No matter how strong you might be carrying the world’s weight can be a real drag after a while. Before things start getting so heavy that your back, head and appendix start to hurt, you should consider it time to take for a vacation. What better way to lose all responsibilities by allowing a cruise ship to carry your weight for a week?

Carnival is known for their affordable cruises. While they deliver the cheap prices, it is up to you to take advantage of their fun. A particularly fun little jaunt into the sea can be had aboard the Carnival Liberty. The ship has a 7-day itinerary from Fort Lauderdale, Florida that offers up enough diversions for you to forget about work, life and stress.

The Liberty makes ports of call in the Bahamas, Cayman Island and Costa Maya, Mexico. It has all of the food, pools and entertainment that one would expect to find on a Carnival cruise. This is no frills fun and there is nothing wrong with that, especially when you can do more heavy lifting and your body, mind and soul need a little rest.

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