Kids Fly for Half Price to Mexico and the Caribbean

By Bob | March 5th, 2007

fake_id.jpgNot that I would ever suggest that you should break the law (please people, stop jaywalking already!), but if hypothetically you were to break the law you should at least do so to benefit your travel plans. For example, you could again this is just hypothetical secure a fake ID for your children. No, I am not talking about one of those ones that will allow your 18-year-old to shotgun cheap beer in a college bar. Let him do this on his own. It is part of the higher education experience. I’m talking instead about getting your young ones IDs that say they are under the age of 12.

You see, if you do have a child under the age of 12 you can fly him or her for half price to Mexico or the Caribbean as long as you buy one of the affordable vacation packages from United Airlines vacations. If you can convince your 16-year-old to shave his little peach fuzz and to dress four years younger you can sneak him across the border for a whole lot less money. With the money you save you might actually be able to feed him as he eats up everything in sight in Mexico.

This deal, whether secured legitimately or through the use of a clever digital photo, is good throughout 2007 and comes in the form of a rebate after you complete your travels.

Save 50% on Kids’ Flights
Save 50% on kids’ flights to Mexico & the Caribbean!

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