It’s Hot, It’s Dry, It’s a Palm Spring Vacation Package

By Bob | April 5th, 2007

palm_springs_etc_031.JPGIt is hard to imagine that 42,807 people choose to live in the desert. That is the population of Palm Springs, California, a town with an average daytime high of 108 degrees in the summer. That is the population of a place that averages 354 days of sunshine per year and on average receives less than 6 inches of rain annually. How is a town that size able to sustain itself in a place that dry? Do the residents take their buckets and fill them up at the local hotel swimming pool for drinking water?

As its name implies, there is spring water in Palm Springs. If you were to drink it straight out of the ground your lips would melt and that would not impress the countless celebrities who holiday each year in the town. You might want to bring your own bottled water instead.

All attempts at humor aside, Palm Springs is a unique location that some people simply love. It caters to the high end but you can almost always find a deal on hotels there. If you are brave enough to go in the summer, the deals become even more and more attractive. Just remember to pack some sunscreen to go along with your bottled water or you might end up looking like a California rasin.

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