It can be all Greek to you on this 7-night Isles cruise

By Bob | March 21st, 2007

greek-isles.jpgGreece is a very proud and patriotic country, as well it should be. Greek history is long and storied. It is little wonder that the country’s modern national anthem has no less than 158 verses. It might take you a full millennium just to sing them all.

Fortunately you will not be asked to sing it on Royal Caribbean’s 7-night cruise of the Greek Isles. You might be persuaded to do some karaoke, but that is par for the course on a cruise. This is a cruise that is far from being par for the course. It is an excellent one if you are into seeing a lot of Greek history in a short amount of time. The cruise begins and ends in Venice and in between takes you to Mykonos, Athens, Olympia, Corfu and Slit, Croatia. Talk about an all-star lineup of ports of call!

If you have never been to the Greek Isles you will be in for a treat. There is something about the salt air, blue waters and historic buildings that all come together to make that part of the world unique and special. After a few days at sea you might even be inspired to right another verse for the national anthem.

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