Hey, now you can take the kids with you on vacation too

By Bob | February 14th, 2007

home-alone.jpgHave you seen the movie Home Alone? Of course you have. It is mandatory viewing for anyone who has children. It teaches us all a very important lesson about what happens when you leave one of your kids at home while you go away on vacation. Nothing good can come out of it even if your child can make adorable faces while putting on aftershave lotion.

In fact, you will have a much better time if you take the rugrats along with you. They might not always be happy and by the end of your vacation you might need a vacation from one another, but isn’t that what family is all about? Learning to love one another even while you drive each other crazy?

Fortunately for parents these days there are many vacation options available that will please the whole family. Orbitz has a great deal on family vacations to places like Orlando, New York and Hawaii. The packages include airfare and accommodations at convenient and reasonably priced hotels.

These are the types of travel destinations where kids can have fun doing kids things and adults can be adults without having to worry about their house being burned down by the child they left behind who will eventually end up going through a very public rehab.

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