Get your Cheap London Flights ASAP

By Bob | February 21st, 2007

crazed.jpgMuch like Las Vegas and other popular destinations around the world, you should never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever pay full price for a flight to London unless you have to go at the last minute and you can expense account it to your company. If that is the case, invite me along as your “business client”. I promise to keep you entertained during the flight over the Atlantic.

Prices on flights to London fluctuate throughout the year, but if you are a smart traveler, and I know for a fact that your travel IQ is at the genius level, you can likely find a discounted price to England’s largest city at all times. How much of a discount really depends on the time of the year and when you want to travel.

For example, right now you can fly round trip from New York to London on British Airways for $300. That is superb. Of course it isn’t going to last and it doesn’t allow you to travel during the peak summer months when you’ll likely have to pay double that price to hop across the pond to merry old London.

The only salvation is that this won’t be the last great deal of the year. London flight deals will likely still be popping up from time to time until about the end of March when the savings go out the window and the summer price gouging goes into full force.

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