Get $100 back if it rains on your vacation

By Miss Julie | August 17th, 2009

beachLiving in the rainy Pacific Northwest, I would love it if there were some sort of no-rain guarantee that would give me money back if it rained during my vacation. Since I get more than enough of the wet stuff right here at home, when I go on vacation I’m usually seeking the sunshine and a much needed escape from the grey. Well, it turns out I’m now in luck if I book a vacation through Cheap Caribbean they are now offering their SPF 100 Protection Plan that guarantees I get a perfectly sunny vacation or I get $100 back in my pocket at no extra cost (and I’m sure I could forget about the drizzle with the number of drinks with umbrellas I could buy with that hundred bucks). “SPF100 Sunshine Protection Plan

If you stayed at home this summer and put the family vacation on the back burner in order to save some money, this fall may just be an ideal time to finally pack those bags and getaway all while staying in your budget. Fall is off season in the Caribbeana destination already hard hit by the recession and full of great travel dealsmeaning there are some really good deals on all-inclusive vacations, cruises and Caribbean vacation packages this season. The Miami Herald Tribune has a bunch of great family-friendly deals in the Caribbean, where the parents can rest assured knowing they aren’t going over budget and kids can find plenty of fun stuff to do.

If you aren’t sure your passports are ready for international travel (though international airfare is way down right now) and are looking for a closer getaway in the U.S., fall is also a great time to score cheap tickets to Florida. While not exactly the Caribbean, Florida is home to plenty of beautiful beaches, warm sunshine and travel deals that make it worth it (read more about the best Florida Highlights). As close to the Caribbean as you can get without hoping on a plane, there are also plenty of cheap hotels in the Florida Keys to choose from right now. Plus, with many Florida hotels offering cut-rate rooms this fall and Disney vacation packages way on sale, you should be able to have a great time and stick to budget if you decide to head for the sunshine state.

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