Free or Reduced Airfare on Bermuda Cruise

By Bob | February 9th, 2007

jetpack-1-10-6-15-4.jpgCompared to other types of vacations, cruises are usually very, very reasonable. It never ceases to amaze that you can travel on a cruise for as low as $50 per night and that price includes food you don’t have to cook and a bed that you don’t have to make. It makes you wonder if you could live cheaper permanently on a cruise than you do at home. Perhaps.

One of the hidden costs of a cruise is getting there. Unless you live near the port from which the ship is departing, you do have to pay to either drive or fly there. This can often be more expensive than the cruise itself.

Travelocity has a great deal right now that offers you free or greatly reduced airfare when you book a cruise to Bermuda aboard Celebrity Cruises’ newest ship, Celebrity Journey. This deal is especially attractive because Celebrity is a cut above the bargain cruise lines. Their prices are always a bit higher but you get a lot of bank for that extra buck.

Basically if you qualify for the free or reduced flight you will get an excellent cruise for about the same price you would if you paid for a flight and a bargain cruise aboard with another company. The offer ends February 15, 2007.

Travelocity has the lowest CRUISE prices, GUARANTEED

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