Fly to Frankfurt or London before the Summer Crunch

By Bob | April 12th, 2007

frankfurt-germany.jpgWe’re diving head first into the travel season when it becomes expensive to travel to Europe. Everyone and their mother’s mother want to visit the Old Continent during the summer season and that means that the airlines can bend you over their knees and spank you until all of the money falls out of your pockets.

There is hope, however, if you are able to travel between now and the start of the summer crunch (late May). This is kind of the in between period where prices creep up but aren’t quite out of the universe. For example, Northwest Airlines has tickets for flights to London and Frankfurt starting at about $550. Not as great as a few months ago when these were under $400, but still not as bad as it is going to get in a few weeks’ time.

The only caveat is that you have to fly to Europe between April 13 and May 16 and you must complete your travel by June 15, 2007, which is just about the time when your mother’s mother will be landing in London.

You are also advised to book your accommodations early. The hostels and hotels in Europe fill up fast and I would hate for you to have to sleep under a bench in a bus station. My neck still hurts from doing that ten years ago.

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