Families can save money with vacation rentals versus hotels

By Miss Julie | August 19th, 2009

resortFor someone who grew up traveling so much with my family, it sometimes surprises people when I tell them we actually spent very few nights in hotels when I was a kid. My always budget conscious and savvy traveler mother discovered early on that the best way to save when traveling with a family was to opt for renting a house rather than getting a couple of hotel rooms. Especially for more than week-long vacations, our family actually saved money by renting a whole house. That way, not only did we not have to pay for 2 rooms, but a kitchen allowed us to save money by not eating out (money that was then in turn spent on something way cooler than a mediocre meal out at the restaurant). Plus, us kids got a whole lot more room to run around in for not as much money. Save up to 70% on last second travel deals and home rentals

With vacation rentals just about everywhere you go, renting and staying in a home instead of trying to find a couple of cheap hotel rooms to squeeze you and your family into is not only a viable option, but also an affordable one. Since many are cutting the family vacations this year in favor of staying at home and saving money, now is also a great time to get a good deal on cheap air tickets to just about everywhere. Whether you want to head on a vacation to Cancun or simply visit family nearby, there are plenty of ways to save money and stay under budget the next time you head out.

As it turns out, travel to Mexico is super cheap this fall. Combine the off travel season, a rough economic climate and some bad PR for Mexico this year and you have the makings for some truly sensations deals on Mexican vacation packages, hotels and even cheap tickets to Mexico. If you are looking to go the vacation rental route, there is an article in the Boston Globe detailing why getting a vacation rental in a destination like Mexico can be such a great family adventure.

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