Every Day is a Holiday aboard Carnival’s Holiday Cruise Ship

By Bob | May 10th, 2007

holiday.jpgDilemma time. You have limited vacation time and even more limited vacation money. You have some time off from work stored up and this summer seems like an ideal time to take it. You could stay at home and watch cartoons on the couch all day or you could go on a fun-filled trip that will include fabulous food, entertainment and weather. Is there really any choice? You’ve seen all the cartoons before anyway. The coyote is never going to catch that darned roadrunner.

Carnival Cruise Lines are designed for people who want a quick getaway without having to blow the entire budget. Their “fun ships” cruises are especially geared toward the budget conscious traveler. Carnival’s Holiday cruise ship is a classic example. This summer it is doing a five-night circuit through the Western Caribbean. The ship starts and ends in Mobile, Alabama.

Along the way it stops in Costa Maya and Cozumel, Mexico. Neither port is spectacular but both have enough going on to keep you interested for a few hours. The big attraction of this type of itinerary is that you get to lounge by a pool on a cruise ship for a few days and stuff yourself silly with food. You also can drink, gamble and forget about life’s worries. Heck, I bet they even show cartoons on board if you ask nicely.

Sensational Rates on “Fun Ship” Getaways

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