Dutch Dreams River Cruise

By Bob | February 2nd, 2007

dutch-tulips.jpgWater has played a huge role in the Netherlands for centuries. A country that is below sea level in parts, the densely populated nation is in a perpetual battle to make land out of water and to keep water out of land. Dikes, canals and clever engineering have contributed to a unique Dutch way of life that is an absolute treasure for a visitor to experience.

Uniworld Grand River Cruises offers a 7-night Dutch Dreams cruise aboard the River Ambassador that is perfect for those who want to experience Holland from both land and sea. The voyage begins and ends in Amsterdam, a capital city worthy of being called one of the finest in the world. From there you will make your way around the country with ample opportunity to enjoy the works of the Dutch masters like Vermeer and Rembrandt, to talk in the famous windmills, gaze at the legendary tulips and to sample the Dutch cuisine.

This is a slow paced voyage that includes guided tours and lectures to help you gain a further understanding into the history and the people that make the Netherlands a must see country for every traveler.

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