Cruise from San Diego to Baja Mexico

By Bob | February 15th, 2007

highway-101.jpgHere is a cool vacation idea for you. Fly to San Francisco and spend a couple of days exploring one of the United States’ most unique cities. After you tire of urban life, rent a car preferably a red convertible – and drive down the California coast along Highway 101. You’ll see some spectacular scenery, have the opportunity to feast on some excellent food, and enjoy the sunshine radiating off of the Pacific Ocean.

By the time you reach San Diego you’ll be ready for a change of pace. Ditch the car and hope aboard one of Carnival Cruise Lines cruises. They have some wonderful short cruises to Baja Mexico that would be a perfect way to finish a vacation or to simply get away for 4 or 5 days.

Visit Cabo San Lucas, Ensenada or simply sit on the deck and bask in the sun while the dolphins frolic in the waters around you. These short cruises are a delight and are the perfect way to recharge your batteries and to get a change of scenery. Once you are back in San Diego, get back in the car and head north, or maybe go east to the desert or maybe, well, there are a world of possibilities.

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