Hawaii Five-0-0: Cruises for under $500

By Bob | January 22nd, 2007

gold-bars_coins.jpgThere was a time when a Hawaii vacation was something that only the other half could experience. You know the other half. They go by names like Chet and Biopsy and they wear gold platted underwear while shuttling from one vacation home to another. Don’t even think about stealing their underwear from the laundromat!

The days were the beautiful islands of Hawaii were reserved for only the beautiful people are long gone so even if no one calls you Boopsy, you can enjoy the stunning scenery and amazing weather that makes Hawaii a legendary vacation destination.

One way to see and do it all is aboard a cruise and, folks, here is a good one for you. The 7-night voyage aboard the Norwegian Cruise Line Pride of Aloha is a round-trip journey from Honolulu. Along the way you get two days in Nawiiwili, Kauai, Hilo, the Kilauea Volcano and Kahului, Maui. Talk about a diversity of sights! What more could you want to see?

A cruise like this could costs thousands but you can find it over at Travelocity for less than $500 for an inside cabin. For that price you won’t even need to sell your gold plated undershorts to the local pawn shop.

Travelocity has the lowest CRUISE prices, GUARANTEED

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