Cruises are super cheap right now

By Miss Julie | July 8th, 2009

carnival-cruisesPretty much every sector of the travel industry is hurting in these tough economic times, but there are certain segments of the travel industry that have been suffering more than others. The cruise industry is certainly one of them. With cruise lines having trouble filling up their massive ships, you can sail for super cheap these days. In fact, it’s not tough to find plenty of cruise deals for less than $300. Book now – Carnival Cruises from $249!

If you can’t stand the suspense of waiting til just a few days before to book a cruise, you can also get some unbelievable deals on last minute cruises. In the days before a sailing, cruise lines will often offer up the remaining spots on the ship for amazingly low prices to get a few more people on board. This means with a little spontaneity, you could potentially save hundreds of dollars.

If waiting til the last minute isn’t so much your thing, you can still get a good price on most of the cruise lines this time of year. With summer and fall marking the low season for many cruise operators, like Carnival Cruises, there are many discounted cruises out there.

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