Cruise from Vancouver to Hawaii aboard the Carnival Spirit

By Bob | January 30th, 2007

whal111.jpgSurrounded by nothing but blue water, the wind whipping through your air, the ship rocking with each wave, the birds hanging above hoping you’ll leave something behind for them to feast on, whales jumping next to you. Some people just like being on the open sea and it is hard to blame them. Getting away from the daily grind is one reason for travel and there is no easier way to escape from your land-based life for a few days than to be on the open sea.

There are a fair number of cruises that cross the Atlantic Ocean, but rare is the one that journeys across the Pacific Ocean. The water is rougher, the voyage tougher and the destinations on the other side are not quite as plentiful. One exception to this rule is a 12-day cruise from Vancouver to Honolulu aboard Carnival Cruise Lines’ Carnival Spirit.

This unique voyage embarks in Vancouver, British Columbia before hitting the Pacific for 6 whole days at sea. That should be plenty of time for you to catch up on your sleep, do some reading and to enjoy all the amenities of a cruise ship. Just when you will be hungry to set your sights on land, the ship will arrive in Maui where you will begin six days of Hawaiian exploration before heading home from Honolulu.

A bit of exploration, a bit of fun at sea, this is a voyage that offers up the best of both worlds.

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