Complimentary Upgrades and Huge Savings on Carnival Caribbean Cruise

By Bob | January 9th, 2007

through-window.jpgLet’s face it. When you picture yourself on a cruise chances are you don’t picture yourself sitting in a room with no windows and with now view of the ocean. Alas, that is what you usually get when you opt for the cheapest cruising option, the Interior cabin. This is not always a bad choice if your cruise takes you to spectacular locales and you don’t plan on spending much time in your cabin, but if you think it is kind of fun sitting in a chair watching the water pass by while you enjoy the peace and solitude of your own room you might want to consider avoiding an interior cabin.

Carnival Cruise Lines has a promotion underway that will allow you to get a room with a view and save money. When you purchase a spot aboard Carnival Liberty’s 8-night Western Caribbean cruise you can upgrade from an interior cabin to an oceanview cabin for absolutely free. Even better, pay for an oceanview cabin and upgrade to a balcony room. The view will be better and your cruise will be nothing but first class.

In addition to this excellent offer, Carnival is offering the cruise for 74% off the price in the brochure.

Free upgrades plus save up to 74% when you cruise the Caribbean with Carnival. Hurry! This offer won’t last long.

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