Costa Rica Rainforest Vacation Package

By Bob | June 20th, 2007

costa-rica-wildnerness.jpgAs far as countries go, Costa Rica has always marched to the beat of a different drum. Instead of spending the 1980s engaged in war like many parts of Central America, it abolished its military. Instead of chopping down all of its trees and wilderness, it protected it. More than a quarter of the country’s land has been set aside for protection. Indeed, Costa Rica is the exception to the rule and that is one reason why it is an exceptional place to visit.

With one of a kind rainforests, beautiful inland mountains, gorgeous beaches and some killer whitewater rafting rivers, Costa Rica is an adventure travelers playground. You can get a sample of what the country has to offer on one of the Costa Rica vacation packages offered by Latin Destinations. The prices include airfare and are incredibly affordable considering the popularity of Costa Rica.

If none of those deals fit what you are looking for, take a gander at some of the offerings on the BootsnAll adventure trips and tours section. They have a number of eco-tourism trips for both those who like to be active and those who enjoy traveling at a more relaxed pace.

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