Cheap New York Vacations

By Miss Julie | June 1st, 2009

new-york-city2As someone who tends to do most things at the last minute, it seems a little early to start thinking about Holiday shopping, but that doesn’t mean some people aren’t already brainstorming their Christmas gift lists (or at least making plans for a shopping vacation). That’s why I thought I’d share this deal on Travelocity I stumbled across, which is offering vacation deals to New York for Black Friday. Travel to New York on Black Friday to Complete Your Holiday Shopping! Click Here for Great Vacation Deals to The Big Apple!

As one of the best shopping destinations in the world, booking a trip to New York to do your holiday shopping is a great idea. Plus, with so many great deals on flights to New York and cheap hotels, you’ll have little excuse not to bring an extra suitcase and head to NYC for a little shopping trip this year.

If Black Friday just seems too far away for you to wait before hitting up the shopping in New York, there are also some other fantastic deals on flights to new york out there right now. In fact, with summer travel prices way down from last year, you could head to the Big Apple well before Thanksgiving. Plus, with all the money you saved on your flight, you’ll definitely have money leftover to spend while out shopping.

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