Cheap all-inclusive vacations in Mexico

By Miss Julie | September 4th, 2009

resort1As more of an independent, backpacker type of traveler, I have to admit that I have never actually been on an all-inclusive vacation. They just never really had all that much appeal. That being said, as a bargain hunter and lover of cheap travel and good deals, even I have been tempted by some of the outrageously low prices on all-inclusive vacations lately. Apparently hurricane season and a bad economy make for some awesome opportunities for huge savings, and with some all-inclusive deals as low as $629 in Aruba, I am hard pressed not pop my all-inclusive cherry and head out on a relaxing little beach getaway this fall. All Inclusive Vacation Deals
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I did a little searching around Spirit Vacations’ web site to see if you could actually score a deal on one of their vacation packages for as little as they advertised. I experimented and found that you could easily get a 3-night Mexico vacation package to the Mexican Riviera from New York for about $500 per person. Now keep in mind, that $500 includes your flight to Mexico, hotel accommodation AND all of your food and drink while staying on site. For $500. Sounds like a steal of a deal to me.

However, I am certainly not the only one in the travel industry who has noticed the screaming good deals at many of Mexico’s all-inclusive resorts. In fact, Mexico is all but rolling out a red carpet for visitors, and nightly rates have plummeted to all-time lows. has some great deals on all-inclusives on Mexico’s Gulf Coast, with rates starting as low as $70/night and $200 resort credits at some hotels.

With airfare to Mexico also super cheap right now, you could be headed out on a great Cancun all-inclusive vacation this year for less than you spent to visit Grandma over Thanksgiving last yearwhere you slept on the couch the whole time.

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