Book a Cruise from Orbitz and Receive a Free Portable DVD Player

By Bob | February 14th, 2007

dvd-player.JPGPerhaps you are like me and you have been in this position before. You are on an airplane that is hurtling through the sky at 50,000 feet. This plane ride is seemingly lasting forever. The woman next to you is drooling on your shoulder. The guy on the other side is intently punching numbers into a mind numbingly complex spreadsheet. The airplane is showing a lame movie that you have already seen a 1,000 times. You just finished your book and you don’t think you can read the airplane magazine again. After all, there are only so many times you can check out their selection of beverages at the back of the magazine. In short, you are bored out of your skull and if it weren’t for a lack of parachute you would seriously consider jumping from the plane.

You look across the aisle and you see a woman who is seemingly in bliss. Her headphones are on and she is contently watching a movie of her own choice. She has one of those nifty DVD players that you can take anywhere. They are perfect for long plane rides, trips in the car and when you are out at sea on a cruise. You only wish you had one.

Now you can. Book a cruise through Orbitz and you too can have your very own portable DVD player that could literally save your life or at least save you from death by boredom.

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