A Tale of Two Cities: Miami to London Cruise

By Bob | January 31st, 2007

london-big_ben.jpgOn the surface you would be hard pressed to find similarities between Miami, Florida and London, England. One is modern sleek, the other is old Europe sheik. One is filled with sunny day after sunny day, the other sees more than enough of its gloomy gray days. One is located on the ocean, the other is located on a river. One is a city of cars, the other is a city of double deck buses and the tube.

On the surface Miami and London might not share a lot in common, but when you dig a little deeper you’ll find that both cities are home to large numbers of people of different ethnicities, both have their fair share of good ethnic restaurants and both attract tourists from around the world eager to experience their unique sites and unique way of life.

You can take in both Miami and London in one grand swoop on the 12-night transatlantic cruise from Miami to London aboard Royal Caribbean International’s Navigator of the Seas. In addition to these great cities, the voyage also allows for a couple days in Bermuda and stops in Cork, Ireland and Brest, France.

This is a cruise of contrasts that will leave you admiring both the similarities and the differences between the old and the new world.

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