A 10-day Cross-Atlantic Cruise to Portugal

By Bob | April 18th, 2007

portugal.jpgPortugal is frequently an overlooked European destination. It should not be. A country of beauty and charm, Portugal is an excellent place to visit. And what better way to visit a country that was once renowned for its ocean explorers than to visit it on a cruise ship?

I’ll admit that Holland America’s 10-day cruise to Lisbon from Ft. Lauderdale might seem dull to some people. When you look at the itinerary all you see is day after day of “At Sea”. If sailing on the high ocean is not your thing, you might want to look for another cruise. If you enjoy the peace and solitude of being at sea and you don’t mind having every meal cooked for you and entertainment galore, then this is a pretty handy way to travel to Europe.

A look at the international flights to Portugal shows prices in May running higher than what you will pay for a cruise. Of course, if you do book a cruise you will have to pay to return back to the United States, but that is something you can deal with once you are lounging on a beach in Portugal drinking beer and admiring the warm blue waters.

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