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By Miss Julie | December 22nd, 2006

Singapore is not just one island, but a main island with over 60 surrounding islets which has grown into a thriving centre of commerce and industry. Singapore is the busiest port in the world with over 600 shipping lines sending super tankers, container ships and passenger liners to share the busy waters with coastal fishing vessels and wooden lighters. Singapore’s strategic location, excellent facilities, fascinating cultural contrasts and tourist attractions contribute to its success as a leading destination for both business and pleasure.

Said to be one of the cleanest cities in the world, Singapore is a surprisingly modern looking city, mixed with a wide variety of ethnic groups who bring their own cards to the table. Dine on traditional cuisine or that from almost anywhere in the world. Wander the amazing array of shops and find incredible bargains at the local markets. Travelers are often awe-struck by the efficiency, order, speed and discipline in a geographically sparse place.

Why go to Singapore?

  • The modern SE Asia is here to serve you
  • The tropical climate, sound of Chinese traders and sweet aroma of Indian food gives it away: You’re in Singapore
  • Singapore. SE Asia as seen in the 21st century
  • Raffles Hotel, Arab Street, Little India, Chinatown, Jurong – Can you say “diversity”?
  • Singapore: Probably the best place to eat in Asia

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