Seaside Holidays in France

By Cristina Puscas | October 28th, 2009

rural-franceAs I’m writing this article, the rain falls on my window and it’s so gloomy that the bed looks much better than the working area I keep telling my husband that we should head south once the autumn sets in the Northern Hemisphere. Or at least go on a long holiday and come back when the sun is back in the sky. Possible? Yes, especially with the offer I’ve just found! ”Seaside holiday apartments in Vendee with”

Vendee Charente is a lovely seaside area in France, north of Bordeaux. The entire area has a long history and the architecture is stunning.

During autumn the price are very affordable ranging from ‚ 290 for 7 nights (3-person suite) and ‚ 570 for 7 nights (1 bedroom apartment). The location is perfect for those looking for an active vacation and most suites have either tennis courts or swimming pools available for the guests to use.

Vacation packages are affordable during autumn

Europe vacation packages are very popular among travelers regardless of the time of the year. Those on a limited budget are encouraged to travel during autumn or spring, when the prices are lower and the crowds are gone (except for large cities where it seems to be always a bit crowded).

If you feel adventurous, you can book a flight to Europe (into one of the large hubs) and plan to tour Europe on your own. There are countless of ways to do it, ranging from taking low-cost flights, to using train passes or driving a rental car.

Typically, staying in holiday apartments is the cheapest way to travel but you should consider the cost of catering for yourself. In Europe, many farmers’ markets are open year round so it’s possible to save a lot on eating.

Heading somewhere warmer, baby!

Coastal France is definitely warmer than Central Europe, but if you really want to escape the gloomy autumns, head to the Caribbean! Holiday apartments in the Caribbean are also a nice way to save, especially if you travel in groups. But do plan to pay a bit more than if you were staying in Europe.

But now is also an excellent time to grab the last minute Caribbean deals since the high season hasn’t started yet and the hotels still have excellent deals. See you there?

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