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By Miss Julie | December 24th, 2006

New Brunswick embraces that perfect blend of the contemporary with the classic! Located on Canada ‘s east coast, the province of New Brunswick shares a border with Québec and Nova Scotia as well as Maine in the northeastern United States. Where else could you find world-class cities only moments from incredible natural wonders – the world’s highest tides, winding rivers that stretch for days, or one of the last pristine sand dunes on the eastern shore. At the Hopewell Cape, view the ‘flowerpot rocks’, created by melting glaciers and tidal erosions. The world’s highest tides at the Bay of Fundy can be seen remarkably reversing two times a day.

Besides natural wonders, there’s a unique mosaic culture in New Brunswick. Explore history at Canada’s oldest continuing museum or visit the longest covered bridge in the world. You can even learn about the making of soap at the The Olivier Soapery. Shop for crafts, eat lobster, take a carriage ride! Enjoy dinner theater and then end the day in a downtown hotel or in a luxurious resort. There are so many wonderful ways to stay in New Brunswick, a four-season destination.

For more on New Brunswick, check out the New Brunswick Travel Guide on BootsnAll.

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