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By Miss Julie | December 24th, 2006

Montreal offers a scent of France without the price tag. Located on a large island, it harbors the world’s largest inland port. It’s a fashionable, romantic, interesting blend of things French and English, with a multi-dimensional, global variety of eateries, bars and clubs.

Known as the most lively city in Canada with festivals going on all year round, Quebec’s Montreal has established itself as an amazing city, where its French origins, dating back to 1642, combine an Old World charm with Canadian hospitality and New World modernism and urban culture. Montreal is actually an island, located on the St. Lawrence River about 65 km (40 miles) from the U.S. border, where the northern-most part of New York state and Vermont meet.

This inland island is also the second-largest French-speaking city on Earth, after Paris. And the culture of its “Montrealais,” as people from Montreal are called, is every bit on par with the French capital. Walking the streets of Vieux Montréal (“Old Montreal”), you can stroll down the rue de la Commune, where people lived, worked and walked when the city was still under French rule. Head along the St. Lawrence, or turn to the rue Notre Dame, and see Montreal’s own Basilique Notre-Dame. Take in culture and parks, eat in fine restaurants or just grab some standard street fare: a sausage-and-sauerkraut. Montreal is even an excellent winter destination, with wonderful skiing in the Laurentians Mountains – and when paying in Canadian dollars, of course, wherever you go you will feel like you’re saving money!

Why go to Montreal, Canada?

  • Wander the cobblestoned streets of old Montreal
  • Sip a cafe au lait and visit the Pointe à Callière for a history lesson
  • Check out a stylish city with an attitude. French culture lives on here
  • There’s the underground city in winter
  • Some say Montreal is the finest city in North America – what do you think?

For more on Montreal, check out the Montreal Travel Guide on BootsnAll.

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