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By Miss Julie | December 24th, 2006

The city of Moncton in New Brunswick is rich in agricultural, railway, and industrial heritage, but it is also known for its various attractions. The Tidal Bore, created from the powerful tides of the Bay of Fundy, and the mysterious Magnetic Hill are two top draws. Canada’s third most visited natural attraction, Magnetic Hill will pull your car uphill when you take your foot off the brake. A nearby themepark and zoo can make the outing a whole day’s worth of adventure.

Watch the Petitcodiac River swell and reverse directions from the Riverfront Park, or catch a show at the Capitol Theatre, which has been restored to its original 1922 elegance and is one of only eight such theatres in Canada. It is open year round to highlight local, national and international talent. A day trip to Rocks Park is a popular adventure, as the caves and crevices invite exploration during low tide.

This town boasts of number of quaint shops including a quitlery, a calligraphy studio and hardwood crafts. There is also a variety of historic specialty shops, fashion boutiques and craft outlets.

For more on Moncton and New Brunswick, check out the New Brunswick Travel Guide on BootsnAll.

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