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By Miss Julie | December 24th, 2006

Martinique has traditionally been called “the Paris of the Antilles” and “a little piece of France in the Caribbean.” Evidence of this truth is everywhere and, although there are other French Caribbean islands, Martinique radiates more of the culture and charm of cosmopolitan Paris. Restaurants serve haute cuisine, stores display haute couture and people speak haute Français. However, in true West Indies fashion, you’re just as likely to be served spicy Créole at a beach-side café by an islander wearing madras and speaking thickly-accented patois.

Escape civilization and hike past historical plantations, fantasizing about the history of this island and its people. Relax on white sandy beaches as you watch the waves roll on shore and see the sun setting in the distance. Sit under a rustic palm tree umbrella and sample the island-made rum. Walk along the dock and fantasize about sailing off into the horizon. Browse local shops and find unique jewelry and items to adorn your wardrobe. In Martinique, France: West Indies style, relaxation is your top priority.

For more on Martinique, check out the Martinique Travel Guide on BootsnAll.

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