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By Miss Julie | December 24th, 2006

East meets West in dynamic Hong Kong. This energetic city pulsates 24 hours a day with exuberance and the roar of merchant vessels. Hong Kong offers an ever-changing panorama of sights, sounds, and appealing Oriental magic. Wrapped in a concrete jungle, Hong Kong is a shrine to market capitalism. It’s perhaps the only city in the world where shopping surpasses any monument or historical site as the city’s main tourist attraction.

One of Hong Kong’s unique fascinations is the seamless way in which ancient traditions thrive in this ultramodern city. With 150 years of British colonial influence woven into 5,000 years of Chinese culture, Hong Kong is a city of contrasts in everything from monuments and medicine to art and architecture.

Explore the stunning Victoria Peak and the vibrant Kowloon neighborhood. If you’re lucky enough to visit during February, April or June, make sure to check out the exciting Chinese New Year, The Tin Hau Festival or Dragon Boast Festival.

Why go to Hong Kong, China?

  • The gateway to China, but explore HK good first
  • Floating restaurant, Big Buddha, dragon boat races – and that’s after the good stuff
  • Wander bustling streets, check the latest gadgets and eat noodles at a street vendor
  • Make friends with 6 million locals
  • See how the world’s most free-wheeling economy deal with being communist?
  • Take your pick: Cantonese food, moonlight horse races, ancient templates, relentless nightlife…
  • Make a pit stop in Hong Kong to recharge your travelling batteries

For more on Hong Kong, check out the Hong Kong Travel Guide on BootsnAll.

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