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By Miss Julie | December 24th, 2006

Touted by Jacques Cousteau as “one of the world’s 10 best diving spots,” Guadeloupe combines the cultural and cosmopolitan charm of a European vacation with fabulous diving on reefs untouched by all but a minimal group of discriminating dive-travelers. Named for Our Lady of Guadeloupe by Christopher Columbus in 1493, this charming French island is blessed with miles of beautiful white-sand beaches and spectacular sub-sea attractions. The Afro-French style is warm and welcoming and the offshore islands are excellent for exploration and relaxation. This rum-producing country will also provide you ample opportunities to imbibe.

Guadeloupe is actually two main islands connected by a bridge across the River Salée and several out islands. From the air it resembles the wings of a butterfly. Basse Terre, the western wing, is mountainous, highlighted by the still-active volcano, Mt. Soufrière. Travelers touring this portion of the islands will find tropical rain forests, bamboo trees, hot springs, postcard waterfalls, and a profusion of tropical flowers, fruits, almond and palm trees. Grande Terre, the eastern wing of Guadeloupe, is flat, dry, and home to modern resorts, beautiful swimming beaches, fields of sugar cane and unlimited topside tourist attractions.

For more on Guadeloupe, check out the Guadeloupe Travel Guide on BootsnAll.

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