Take a Spa Break in Thailand

By Jessica | February 2nd, 2011

While there may not be as many kinds of trips as there are travelers, there’s certainly a variety of reasons for why people travel. Yes, sometimes taking a trip is about expanding horizons, challenging oneself, and coming back all the richer for it. Other times, you might just need a break from your everyday life and want to pretend the outside world doesn’t exist at all.

In the midst of one of the coldest and most brutal winters the U.S. has had in recent memory, pretending the snow-covered outside world doesn’t exist sounds very appealing.

It’s not difficult to find winter travel deals, because people tend to like to take warm-weather getaways every year, but if you want to get away from not only the weather but other vacationers you have to look a bit further than the usual beach spots in Hawaii or Mexico. One part of the world that’s routinely warm is Southeast Asia, and although it’s long been on the backpacker circuit there are more luxurious options for travelers who don’t want to rough it.

Flying from the U.S. to Southeast Asia is a long haul, but finding a great deal on flights to Thailand can make it much more appealing – especially when you know you’ve got a relaxing vacation ahead of you. While many of the travelers getting off of the planes in Bangkok will head directly to Khao San Road and backpacker central, you can instead go on to the beautiful city of Chiang Mai. There are gorgeous spas in Chiang Mai ready to cater to your every need, and although you’ll be paying more for your stay than the backpackers are paying for theirs, your travel budget will still go much further in Chiang Mai than in Hawaii.

Outside Chiang Mai, one of the most spectacular pools around the world happens to be in Krabi, Thailand – a limestone cliff overlooks the Peace Laguna Resort, and there’s a natural lake in the middle of it in addition to the beautiful pools.

Phil the Groundhog may have predicted an early arrival for spring this year, but right now it feels like winter may never end – so if you can get to an airport and there are planes flying, this is the time to stop dreaming and make a spa vacation a reality.

photo by Dennis Wong

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