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By Miss Julie | December 24th, 2006

Set smack in the center of the Caribbean, Antigua and Barbuda, a two-island nation, offer visitors the best of England’s charm, great diving and a wealth of enticing resorts.

Antigua, a 108-square-mile island home to 76,000 people, is the largest of the two, and of the Leeward Islands. Its capital, St. John’s, is the hub of tourist activity with a bustling cruise-ship terminal, duty-free shops, full-service dive shops, fast food and gourmet restaurants. Formerly a thriving sugar cane producer, the island has given way to a booming tourist industry since its independence from the British Crown in 1981.

Physically, the island is circular and ringed by 365 secluded beaches, coves, bays and small harbors. Gentle hills to the south slope down to a beautiful turquoise sea pierced by miles of coral shoals. Beneath the surface lies a rocky terrain of coral cliffs, caves and buttresses, an oasis to thousands of fish, rays and shellfish. Shallow reefs and countless wrecks surround the island. Less touristed than the other Caribbean islands, there’s a chance you could discover a beach all to yourself on Antigua and Barbuda.

For more on Antigua and Barbuda, check out the Antigua and Barbuda Travel Guide on BootsnAll.

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