A golfing vacation in Greece

By Cristina Puscas | July 4th, 2011

Greece is a destination highly valued among those looking to explore the culture, the archeological sites, the beaches and the food. But not many travelers know that it’s possible to go golfing in Greece .Although there are not that many golfing resorts and clubs in the country, if you want to explore this other side of Greece, you won’t be disappointed.

Airfare to Greece is affordable although the peak season is approaching. And you can always plan a golfing vacation during the shoulder season, as well. In mid-August, a round trip flight between New York and Athens starts at $1193 per person (on Aeroflot) , while if you are already in Europe, the flights are much cheaper. A round trip flight from London starts at $378 per person for the same person (if you are not choosing a low-cost carrier).

There is a golf club close to Athens, so you can easily mix the cultural side of the trip with the golfing one. Choose one of the boutique hotels in Athens , maybe even in the town of Glyfada, where the golf club is located, and make your plans. While you are here, don’t miss visiting the Acropolis of Athens and the new museum located close to it. If time allows, you can plan to take a day trip from Athens. But no matter what you plan to do in Athens, look for a hidden taverna and enjoy the real Greek food.

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