A Fiji Vacation Spot Not To Miss: Navala Village [Sponsored Post]

By BootsnAll | September 15th, 2011

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When you think about taking a vacation, the first thing that would come to mind is finding the best vacation destination to spend your holiday. One of the best vacation spots in Fiji is the magnificent and beautiful Navala Village. This place is not a high traffic tourist destination because it is an undiscovered haven in Fiji. The Navala Village has a lot of surprises to offer to its visitors. Aside from its scenic beauty, the weather is great all year round. It is a tropical destination that stays warm from November to April, and its cold season begins in May and ends in October with an average temperature of 22 degree Celsius, or 72 degrees Fahrenheit. Even at that temperature, the cold season isn’t really cold at all!

If you are going on Fiji holidays, then Navala Village should be on your list of places to visit. It takes just about 50 minutes of traveling up to the highlands to reach Navala Village, where you will find a hidden haven teeming with local culture. You will see stunning homes that are all made from traditional materials. Each house is usually just one single open-space room. Its walls are made from woven bamboo and its roof is made of thatches. Visitors canĀ  attend the Yaqona ceremony, which is basically their simple way of welcoming guests. Guests can drink the Yaqona tree drink mix, which is called Kava. Although the taste isn’t that great, this drink was very relaxing.

One of the best features of the village is the bure huts. This is a wood and straw hut that looks very similar to a cabin. Due to the advent of modern technology, you will seldom find a house that is not made of concrete, wood, plastic, or metal materials in your own country. But in Navala Village, you will be delighted to know that the villagers are able to preserve their customs by making homes out of materials that are gathered on the island. Though these homes are made from lightweight materials, the sleeping experience in this one-room hut is still very comfortable. Just being able to sleep in a hut is quite the experience. Today, around 200 of the bure huts are standing in the village and local traditions say that a new bure is added every time a new couple is married.

It doesn’t cost much to reach the village, so this is a budget option for Fiji travelers. The sceneries are simply breathtaking, and you can walk around the village and meet the locals.

Photo by: Mark Heard

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