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By Cristina Puscas | December 11th, 2009

hotelroomThe majority of travelers take their time to look for the perfect deal and perfect location to spend a planned vacation. And then, there are those travelers who have no idea where they’d be heading to and plan to take advantage of the late deals available. Of course it takes a degree of courage (or should I say madness?) for such endeavors but you are guaranteed to have fun. And to end up in a place you probably never planned to visit. Thomson Late Deals

While the rest of your friends are torn between heading to the Caribbean to soak up the sun during the winter holiday or planning a vacation in a cheap ski resort, you can do something totally different. And by that I mean spending 7 nights on Costa del Sol (Spain) for £169pp. The price includes the round trip flight from London Gatwick and 7-nights accommodation with self catering. Bed & breakfast and half board options are also available. Sure, you won’t be getting a tan, but you’ll surely relax in a mild climate and enjoy a vacation away from the hustle and bustle of crowded vacation spots.

Not having a free week from work? Not to worry. The late deals include 3-nights accommodation as well. You can head to Morocco and spend a short vacation there for only £160pp. The price includes the round trip flight from London Gatwick and accommodation in a twin room with bed & breakfast. And by the way: the weather is absolutely amazing in Morocco right now so it’s not surprising that Morocco ranks high among the cheap winter holiday destinations preferred by Europeans .

Creating a late deal on your own

If you don’t exactly like vacation packages, there’s always the possibility to create a late deal on your own. How? Simple. Look for cheap flights to the region or country you plan to visit. Stick with a time frame of 2-4 weeks and see what’s available right now.

Then, look for hotel deals. There are a lot of websites specialized on late hotel bookings. You can still find excellent last minute deals for hotels in the European cities where the Christmas markets are open. You’d probably need to be a bit creative when it comes to flying though, as the prices tend to be a bit high right now. But you can always fly into a major hub and choose another way to travel to the destination.

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