The Price is Right to Fly to Nice, France

By Bob | March 15th, 2007

nice_beach.jpgIt happens every year at this time. It starts out with me watching a cycling race from Europe. I watch the riders going through historic cities, climbing spectacular mountains and pedaling through quaint towns that look like they are straight off of a postcard. I start caring less and less for the race and more and more for the scenery. The next thing you know I am booking a flight to Europe. I need to kill my television.

This week’s race is from Paris to Nice, France. The scenery is not quite as amazing as the Tour de France but it does serve as a reminder that the French countryside is an absolute delight. It also reminded me of the wonderful time I had in Nice a couple of decades ago. Nice is not the prettiest city in France nor is it always the most happening, but it does have just enough beauty and action to be alluring. Plus it is the gateway to the Riveria, which does have beautiful little towns that are perfectly for bicycling, walking and exploring.

The deals on trips to Nice and the rest of Europe are still reasonable but that will only last for so long. The summer travel season is on the horizon so take care of your European travel plans now or you might have to stay at home and watch grown men exercise on television to get your continental fix.

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