Super low prices on vacations to Caribbean, Mexico and Hawaii

By Miss Julie | February 9th, 2009

While politicians in Washington are debating over a stimulus package that may or may not rescue the U.S. from the current economic recession, I’m going to be scouting web sites looking for hot travel deals. That’s because a bad economy means cheaper than ever travel, and trips you once thought would be way out of your budget are now seemingly affordable. In an effort to coax more travelers, companies like Funjet are offering great prices on Caribbean and Mexican vacations. If winter has got you down, than may now be the ideal time to book that hot vacation package before the market rebounds and prices go back up. Check out our Weekly Hot Deals!
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If you’d rather opt for the Hawaiian islands than the Caribbean or Mexico, than now is also an ideal time to find unbelievable deals on flights to Hawaii. In fact, just a quick skim across the internet and a visit to the Hawaii Travel Guide and I was able to find fares as low as $115 one-way from the west coast to Hawaii. With special offers at hotels, this means you could be sitting on beach and sipping a pina colada before you know it.

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