Super Cheap Hawaii Airfare Sale

By Bob | February 2nd, 2007

paradise-hawaii.jpgType the words “Hawaii” and “Paradise” into Google and you’ll see tens of thousands of entries. There is no disputing that Hawaii is viewed by many people as being paradise. You might be one of them too after you pay the islands a visit for your next holiday vacation.

The good news for those who want to spend a slice of time in paradise is that flights to Hawaii are about as cheap as you will ever find them. ATA will fly you round-trip to Hawaii from parts of the west coast for around $260. That is cheap, super cheap.

The more you save on your flight to Hawaii the more you’ll have to spend while you are there. The spring season is a time of discounts and if you do a search for Hawaii hotels you’ll likely come up with a decent place for a way better than decent price. It is not every week that you can plan a Hawaiian vacation on the cheap.

Like most things in life these kinds of prices won’t last forever so get busy planning your trip to Hawaii. Google could probably use another person adding to the ever growing list of Hawaii and Paradise entries.

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