Spend your tax refund on a cheap vacation package

By Miss Julie | March 25th, 2009

parisnightI like to spend almost all of my disposable income on plane tickets and travel adventures, which is why ever since I got my tax refund in the mail it has been burning a hole in my pocket and I have been waiting to stimulate the economy with the money the government kindly returned to me and buy some plane tickets. Tax Refund = A Much Needed Vacation!
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Especially with such great deals on airplane tickets to just about everywhere, you’d be foolish not to take advantage of that tax refund and take a trip this spring or summer. If you are itching to head to the Big Apple, you’ll be happy to find that it is not difficult to score a great deal on cheap tickets to New York.

Dying to head to Europe this summer? With low airfares and great deals on airline tickets to France, you may have a hard time not brushing up on your high school French, packing your beret and heading to Paris this year.

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