Save up to 60% and get 2 free nights in Caribbean vacations

By Miss Julie | January 12th, 2009

hammockbeach.jpgWith unemployment at its highest rate in 16 years, more and more people defaulting on their mortgages and higher rates of people declaring bankruptcy here in the U.S., you may just want to lock yourself in a closet and avoid the real world until the recession is over. If you are lucky enough to still have a job and need a little vacation to help pick up your spirits, then right now is actually an ideal time to pack up your bags and head to the Caribbean. Not only will the azure water, warm breezes and sunshine make you forget your economic woes, but there are also some fantastic deals to be had out there right nowincluding all-inclusive beach vacations starting at just $132/person. Get 2 Nights Free plus save up to 55% at Beaches Resorts.

I can think of fewer things more relaxing than hanging out on a beautiful Caribbean beach (preferably with one of those all-inclusive cocktails in hand), enjoying a little reprieve from winter weather. And, as you sip that pina colada, you will almost forget that back at home the talking heads are pretty much predicting massive financial collapse and ruin (apparently the economic apocalypse is upon us). Plus, you’ll rest assured knowing that not only did you score a great deal on your cheap airfare, but you also got up to 60% off on your resort (plus, you can sleep well knowing you are helping to fuel the struggling economy).

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