Save 40% on Vacation Packages throughout 2007

By Bob | March 1st, 2007

all_year.jpgThe one thing I have learned while captaining this travel deal blog is that the best deals are often the ones that are more unavailable. For example, you could probably fly from your home to Timbuktu right now for $100 if you could leave this very instant, your name begins and ends in the letter “p” and you don’t mind stopping in 27 places along the way. Is that you? Go ahead and pack your bags.

Good deals exist, they all too often just happen to be inconvenient and implausible, especially if you want to travel during peak times like in the summer.

United Vacations has a deal right now that is very accessible. If you book a vacation package by March 31, 2007 (that gives you plenty of time to think about it), you can save 40% off your bill. Best of all, the offer is good for travel throughout 2007 so even with a few travel date restrictions you can fit your vacation into your busy life and not the other way around.

They also have some tasty vacation packages to places like Hawaii, Paris and Las Vegas. Can’t complain about that.

United Vacations Super Sale
Save up to 40% anywhere, anytime in 2007!

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