Save $300 on vacations to the Bahamas

By Miss Julie | October 27th, 2008

Warm breezes, white sand, clear blue water and nothing to do all day but take a nap under a palm tree and sip cocktails with little umbrellas in them. Sound like paradise? If the tumbling financial markets have you stressed out, maybe all you need is a little R &R away from the plunging Dow and worries about your stock portfolio. Plus, with airlines and hotels are offering fantastic travel deals to the Caribbean right now in an effort to encourage weary travelers to still take that vacation they planned despite of the current economic climate. And, with savings of hundreds of dollars, now may be the economically savvy time to take that vacation to the Bahamas you’ve always dreamed of. $300 Off Grand Bahama Vacations

With the upcoming Presidential election also hot on everyone’s minds (and making people hopeful that a new President may improve the falling Dow), planning a Caribbean vacation could be the perfect way to distract yourself from the constant political chatter among pundits. For those who have known which way they were going to vote for months, the constant obsessing and analyzing is probably driving you nuts. Welcome to the club. Instead of listening to poles and debating the relevance of how much Sarah Palin spent on clothes or what Obama’s relationship with Bill Ayers was, how about concentrating efforts on how to get the best tan and have the most relaxing trip to the Bahamas. Sounds pretty nice to me.

And, who knows, maybe your Caribbean vacation could actually end up making you money. Perhaps you will clear your mind enough to come up with the next big investment strategy or new business idea. Maybe you’ll make friends with a millionaire mogul who will offer you a job. Perhaps you’ll stumble upon a map to a buried pirate treasure. Or, most likely, you’ll just get in some quality beach time and get a much needed break from everyday life.

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